Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Reason I Am Writing

Do you know the reason why I love writing? 

It's simple, because writing is 'expressive'.


Because you can express what you cant express. People tend to disbelief of what you're saying if your face expression didn't say so. I don't have ability to express my sadness when I speak. So they wont believe that I'm sad.


  • Writing when have many thought to express.
  • Writing when sudden idea is coming up, once it passed I'll forget. Better to write to record.
  • When I'm sad, happy, confused, knowledgeable.


  • Wattpad.
  • Blogger.
  • I've never done long writing in Facebook for the feeling, maybe later? Not sure.


  • I'm writing as I like, especially my course in programming and computer science.
  • Human Interest.
  • Social science.
  • Any sudden thoughts.

Beautiful Story From You

This is a story which is so fascinating to hear.
Story where people in the circle working together.
Without considering the background, level of education, economic and so forth.
Working like a chain.

The known teaches the unknown,
The rich donates the poor,
The satisfied feeds the hunger,

And even sometimes,
The unknown tries to teach unknown,
The poor donates the poor,
The hunger feeds the hunger,
Working with high respect.

Sustainable. . .
continuous. . .
In harmony. . .
Like it's already in the system.

I just wanna see those moments in my eyes.
It's your family.

How to connect oracle with php

Downloading Dependencies

  • Download Oracle 11g here. (CLICK THE IMAGE IF ITS TOO BLUR FOR YOU)

  • Download XAMPP 1.7.4 here.

  • Download Oracle Instant Client here.

  • Download Oracle OCI 8 for the module here.
    • Choose the 7.2 Thread Safe x86


  1. Install the Oracle, follow the instruction on how to install those downloaded 2 ZIP files.
  2. Make sure you remember the password you key-in during installation.
  3. Install XAMPP as usual.
  4. Extract the Oracle OCI 8 and copy file name 'php_oci8_11g.dll' to [C:\xampp\php\ext], override any existing files in that folder.
  5. Edit php.ini at [C:\xampp\php\php.ini], add more line for extension.
  6. Extract Oracle Instant Oracle; first make folder name Oracle at C: drive, then point the environment variable to the folder oracle [C:\oracle\instantclient_12_2].

  7. Restart XAMPP.
  8. Create connect.php file with content below,
    $conn = oci_connect("username", "password", "//localhost/orcl");
    // Create connection to Oracle
    if (!$conn) {
       $m = oci_error();
       echo $m['message'], "\n";
    else {
       print "Connected to Oracle!";
    // Close the Oracle connection
  9. Successfully connected
  10. You can also check in the info.php for the OCI module has been loaded


Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Everyone has stories 
Grey stories

Born from unselected parents 
Grow carrying the bags everywhere 
Loaded with various objects 
Heavy, light, stink, fragrant, black, white, square, round 
Even sometimes, many are tucked, which shape, smell and its color abstract even absurd

Everyone has stories 
Grey stories

Thursday, 13 July 2017

What if. . .

What if our goal is different,
so you may scold me

What if our nationality is different,
so our kids confuse what to choose

What if our culture is different,
so we act weirdly

What if our food is different,
so you cant eat

What if our language is different,
so I misunderstand your points

What if your family does not agree,
so I have no right to date you

What if the way we think is different,
so we go to different way

What if our priorities are different,
so the conflict will happen everyday

Will we be together?


The real lover will accept the differences, 

The real lover will see the other shoes,

The real lover will look for the future, not the history. . .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pattani March 2016: Attend Unusual Wedding

Thailand Imigration
Once my friend from Thailand, TuanArina, posted about her sister wedding's invitation in our WhatsApp group, thoughtlessly, I directly said, "Yes, I am in!!". The reason was because I wanted to see their culture on how they celebrate the wedding.

While I am still here in Malaysia, that was rare and unique experience for me. Imagine, mostly I attended any wedding parties at the same city, sometimes outside the city but the same province, yet still the same country. Likewise, I had attended the wedding in Malaysia, the country where I stay at the moment to pursue my study.

This ceremony required me to cross the countries, between Malaysia and Thailand. In fact, that was not as easy as crossing a line on a map. Each country has its own policy of state sovereignty, language and behavior. Therefore, everyone of us must follow, obey and respect their attributes.

Relying on the distance from campus to the border, we only needed for about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the border. Sadly, only 4 of us went to this ceremony. This was understandable since some of us needed to apply visa before entering Thailand. Thus, some of them, were busy with their tests and assignments.

We actually in diverse trip, Zerkiny from Cambodia, Khin Lan San from Myanmar, I'm from Indonesia.

I was lucky that 2 to 3 of my classes on the next day were canceled due to my professors were attending the conference. And the other class, I had permission from my lecturer to leave the class.

After Thailand border

This was our van which was sending us to Pattani

One of the money changer nearby Thai border

When I heard about Pattani, the first idea was about conflict between the group of people who want to separate and Thailand military. Since I was kid, I loved to watch documentary in one of the TV program. That time, the presenter recorded the condition where they called "Red Zone" in Pattani. Across Malaysia-Thailand border by bus, I thought it was cool journey. I still remembered that he recorded Changlun and surrounding C-mart. Now, I experienced it like him in the TV.

As I know, after passing Thailand border, the transportation that can easily be found are Tuk-Tuk, van, and taxi. It took around 2-3 hours to reach her house by using van. Surprisingly, the price is cheap around  RM 5-6.

Along the journey, there were a lot of checkpoints from Thai soldier. It was freaking out since this is my second time came to Thai and first time to pass these checkpoints on the journey to Pattani. It was in the evening, and when the day was getting dark, the situation was more gripping.

Occasionally, the soldiers stopped us. The driver should turn off the car light and turn on inside the car. The torch was on, hitting our sleepy face. I acted normal, then they let us passed.

I was trying to enjoy the trip but nothing much to see in the darkness. So, I slept for a while until we stopped in the one of the night market in Songkhla. The Street foods in Thailand were very satisfying. Luckily, this market was mostly halal food.

One of the food similar with "Rangin"
Street sign

It looked like fruit but inside was green bean. It tasted sweet

Coconut ice cream
Tuan Arina talked with the Coconut ice cream food seller, maybe she felt strange about us who talked in English and asked many questions what is this and that.

"From from ?" She tried to ask me.
"Ahhh, hai I'm from Indonesia kakak (sister), they are from Cambodia and Myanmar", I replied

Surprising news, there was a car bom attacked this market about two nights before. I got little surprised and more curious by asking many questions yet I was little bit afraid if they put another tragedy in this place while we were still there.

The van continued the trip until our destination. Food here was a champion, after we arrived, we were looking to the restaurant nearby until her sister picked us up.

Thailand used LPG as transportation energy.

Dinner meals

This is wrapped leaves.
Khin was waiting for the tea at the road side.

I was trying to eat this leaf.

The Weddings. . .

Their day had come, the groom and the bride were on their best look. They were like King and Queen of the day. The culture of Melayu was so thick in this place because they were originally part of Malaysia in the Kelantan side. 

I did not notice any different between their wedding ceremony and Malay. The foods, the clothes, the environment except the language, there was no couch for the bride and the groom, and the guests.

I was thinking a bit strange when I did not see the couch for them. They just stood up one another to took pictures and they sat with the guest. It was kind of new thing for me. However, in Thailand, One thing I saw was they used their own calendar on the tagline and it was similar with Myanmar, as my friend Khin told me. In my culture too, in Java, we had our own calendar. Then I realized, it was because Buddhist influence.

The wedding ceremony was last until night. The one which little bit scared us was the guest who brought riffles and guns. Evidently, the commander of rebels also was invited. He came with his wife and child plus his comrades who protected him.

Before he got down, four of his soldiers were checking the situation. Until they saw us were talking in English. One of them looked at me, then I stopped talking and told to my other friends.

"Hey, shut up, there are people who come with riffles are looking at us now", I whispered. 
"Where?" they asked. I just used my eyes to point at them.

Even Tuan herself also little bit afraid, I could see from her eyes. 

"Just silence, we talked slowly. I dont want them to blow our head off here. I still want to study and marry" I said.

Then the commander and his family got down. Some of the soldiers were eating and some in duty. They were switching in sequence. It was good experience to see those in front my eyes. One question which still has no answer, "How could they pass the checkpoints 100 meters from the wedding area?"


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Volunteer: Turgev-Albukhary Language and Culture

Become volunteer is not something new for me. I've been joining some programs as volunteer. Basically, I like to do something as my heart feel would like to do. There are not much people who work like a donkey without getting paid. I just want to be myself and do what I suppose to do.

Currently, Albukhary Foundation had collaboration with TURGEV Foundation conducted English and Language Camp for about 204 students from Turkey at Albukhary International University, Alor Setar, Malaysia.

Albukhary Foundation is non-profit organisation based in Malaysia which spreads humanity and values to the people of the world. It was founded by Malaysian businessman Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, to give form and structure to the charitable activities that has undertaken from the day he set up his first company in 1974. Furthermore, TURGEV Foundation has made a way to grow teenagers who are  entrepreneur, have been sustaining wealth around globe with 8166 students and with the 1584 graduates gave in 20 years.

Both project stakeholders have aim to support for both developing foreign language and increasing to cultural global interactions by this education program which were arranged by TÜRGEV and Albukhary foundation in Malaysia. In another words, they were doing intensive English class for a month in Albukhary International University (AiU).

In fact, I'm the scholar of Albukhary Foundation since 2011. Therefore, there's no question for me to join any volunteering programs as the way to pay back to the society as my Foundation does.

This program also gave me another chance to interact directly with people from Turkey. Where there's no boundary such as media or 'heard from people' how the Turkish looks like. 

I was happy that most of them were very cool and generous people. They taught me Turkish language in some phrases and idioms. Moreover, they were nationalist and very proud of their country. That's what make Turkey became strong and unite.

Indeed, some problems were happening as part of the cultural activities. I wasn't shocked when they complain about the food was sweet, spicy or less amount. I've been experiencing before with my other friends from Kosovo or Albania. Day-by-day they would adapt with it and it's part of learning the Malaysian culture.

Luckily, in this program the food wasnt completely Malaysian delight. Most of the time the foods were western food. Yet, some of them had experience of testing Nasi Lemak, rambutan and durian; the King of the fruits. 

That's very unforgettable moment to be with you!! Hope to see you guys in Turkey. Now, I need to settle with my lecturer in campus because skipping the classes for the past two weeks. 😂 

Sorry if we did something wrong, we are just human who always do mistakes and keep learning.

Memnun Oldum ve görusürüz!
(Nice to meet you and see you again)

11.44 pm September, 11th 2016
Convocation Hall, AiU